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New Street Hacker Website

This week we have finally unveiled our new Street Hacker Drupal CMS based website. All the same great support and information that you have come to expect is still here and our member forums are also back. Feel free to sign up. Get posting!

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Street Hacker 1.1.8 Update!

Street Hacker has received a small update that makes it compatible with modern operating systems. The version 1.1.8 patch makes Street Hacker compatible with Vista/Win7/Win8. This long awaited update is live and available on our downloads page. It is also available to our purchasers via their personalized download locations.

Lastly, we are fast approaching 10 years since we first launched the Street Hacker title. As always, we thank you for the support and look forward to another great year.

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Street Hacker Synopsis

Concept was the driving force for this game, and we hope it entertaining. Few games on the market dwell in the realm of simulated digital theft and crime. Street Hacker is a unique mix of both the realism of today’s computer operated world and the creativity of one young man’s mind. Console based games like SH introduce a new form of heart pumping adrenaline, which cannot be reproduced outside this gaming genre. Simulating real-world computer hacking to us in many ways is just as entertaining and much safer.