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Shutting Down

Dear Avid Gamers,

Street Hacker has had a great run and we truly appreciate all of the community support we've received over the past 15 years. We will be officially shutting down our website in November of 2019. Please continue to seed the free Street Hacker Rebel edition for years to come.

Game on! -SH

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Street Hacker Rebel Edition

Download Street Hacker Rebel Edition. This version is nearly identical to our commercial release but completely free! We wanted to say thanks to our community for 15 years of support and to new gamers abroad. As always, if you enjoyed your experience please feel free to donate at your discretion so that we can continue to support our great products.

What's Included

  1. A high quality version of the street hacker intro video.
  2. 10 Techno tracks by Nathan Profitt
  3. The Street Hacker Mission Designer
  4. The Street Hacker Skin Designer
  5. Free online updates
  6. The full game and the plot continues...
    • Buy
      notebook computers, weaponry, phreakboxes, hubs
    • Travel
      the country and meet dealers and vendors on the streets
      in eight of America's biggest cities.
    • Infiltrate
      buildings & leach off of their networks while you
      hack your way to success.
    • Obtain
      dynamic missions from corporations plotting against
      one another.
    • Find
      out who changed your prison records and how far Demetrius
      is taking his quest.
    • Collect
      all of Solid Software Solution's applications &
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VirtuWeb Interactive is now accepting crypto-currency donations. Checkout our donations page for more information!
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New Street Hacker Website

This week we have finally unveiled our new Street Hacker Drupal CMS based website. All the same great support and information that you have come to expect is still here and our member forums are also back. Feel free to sign up. Get posting!

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Street Hacker 1.1.8 Update!

Street Hacker has received a small update that makes it compatible with modern operating systems. The version 1.1.8 patch makes Street Hacker compatible with Vista/Win7/Win8. This long awaited update is live and available on our downloads page. It is also available to our purchasers via their personalized download locations.

Lastly, we are fast approaching 10 years since we first launched the Street Hacker title. As always, we thank you for the support and look forward to another great year.

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Street Hacker Source

Street Hacker Source (SHS) is destine to ship Friday December 8th, just in time for the holiday season. The SHS package includes many original png layout and graphics files, all of the official public version release packages, and naturally the unhampered final version 1.1.7 source code. Full source to the skin editor and mission designer are also included. The SHS package will be released under our Non-Commercial License. If you're interested in purchasing the SHS package continue to our Ordering Page for more information.

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Full Source Pre-Release

We have been working on a Street Hacker Full Source package for some time and believe in the near future that we will be able to satisfy customers new and old by offering the complete solution for a nominal fee. Unlike the game itself, the full source will be shipped via airmail because the project is rather massive after the original graphics files are included. It is unlikely that we'll legally be able to include any of Nathan Profitt's Original Techno Mixes. Regardless the Full Source package will be intended for game modifiers and dedicated players as it will be sold under a non-commercial license.

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Big Game Update

Early this morning after a very long and anticipated wait, we were happy to release a conceivable final Street Hacker update. The new version encompasses a variety of enhancements including the first ever public edition of the SH Skin Designer. This includes Dark Ice and the new Tangerine Skin theme; Mod away!

Other improvements include...

  • .Net 2.0 Framework Support
  • More Traditional Linux Command Support
  • Minor to Major Bug Fixes
  • Added game plot event after Nuisances to help people realize the game doesn't end after you get rid of the script kiddies. After Nuisances you start freelance hacking and must discover hidden devices on your own.
  • And lots more!
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New Low Price

It has been nearly 7 months since the release of Street Hacker so we decided it was time to lower the cost so even more people can afford to join in the fun. For more information visit the Registration Page.

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myPaysystems Terminated has been forced to terminate all of their merchants accounts due to events beyond their control. The only means left to register Street Hacker is Paypal and via mail for the time being. We are sorry for any inconvenience this has caused.