Terminal Commands

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Terminal Commands

HELP: Displays help documentation.
CLS: Clears the console display.
CTRL+R Recalls the previously executed command.
WRITE_LOG: Writes the console display to a log file.
TIMESTAMP: Enables / Disables the console timestamp feature.
IPSCAN: Run a ranged IP scan.
PSCAN: Port scan a remote system.
WHOIS: Online query for server information.
.. Navigates to parent folder of current directory.
C: Open / Displays a directory or rile.
L: Open directory or filepath on local machine.
[PATH NAME] Opens a directory or file from current directory.
REFRESH: Refreshes the contents of the current directory.
OPEN: Open a file in an external viewer for editing.
DELETE: Deletes a file or a directory and its contents.
DOWNLOAD: Download a remote file or directory.
UPLOAD: Upload a file to a remote server.
ZIP: Compress a file zip:[FILE PATH]
UNZIP: Uncompress a file unzip:[FILE PATH]
ENCRYPT: Encrypt a file encrypt:[FILE PATH]
DECRYPT: Decrypt a file decrypt:[FILE PATH]
CONNECT: Connect to server connect:[IP ADDRESS]:[PORT]
RECONNECT: Attempt to reestablish your internet connection.
DISCONNECT: Terminate connection to a remote server
DIS: Terminate Connection to remote server
LOGIN: Login to a LAN login:[NAME]:[PASSWORD]
RUN: Execute an exploit script.
CLEARROUTES: Empties your Routing List.
ROUTE: Adds another routing connection.
LAUNCH: Launches a virus at a remote server
VIRUSSCAN: Performs a complete virus scan
FORCE.GEN: Login credentials brute force generator.
FORCE.LIB: Login credentials library generator.