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The game brings a certain realism to the forefront, staring at the terminal waiting for that virus to finally activate. You almost expect to hear the FBI knock at your door. For once a hacking simulation game presents us with a more beleivable gui. I even saw in some of the test servers linux and bsd references. There really wasn't any corners cut in the design of this game. I'm ecstatic about the release. (ATM)

In my time working on this project I've really seen the game come together. It came from concept to finished product, and I've enjoyed seeing its progress. After playing the final copy, I believe we have topped this particular genre. The game play is superb and requires serious thought; all the while being a fairly realistic simulation. With all of the WWII themed games out, this is a nice change in pace, and certainly a welcome one. The game encompasses a wide variety of features that are unique and well thought out. Street Hacker is well worth the money, and deserves to be on the hard drives of all Hacker fans. (Icedragon)

Words cannot describe how good this game is there fore I am forced to make up my own… and that word is… scrumptialecent. Seriously though opening this game up for the first time you notice something that sets it apart from the other hacking sims. Right off the bat the intro animation sets it up to be more then some home grown garage project and the following screens back that feeling up.

When you finally get into the game you are greeted with such a multitude of options it boggles and excites the mind. I felt like a kid in a candy store looking at all the different icons and options each masterfully coded into existence. The desktop like functionality of the entire system is what really sets SH apart from other hacking sims. The intuitive interface we all use on a day to day bases in our own computers is well portrayed. They day night cycles add level of immersion that is simply not found in any other hacking sim, you really feel like part of this world. The depth of game play that the downtown aspect adds is unparalleled. Every angle of this game smacks of polish, of time spent to really finish off every detail. I’m still exploring this massive hacking sim but from all I have seen it will be what hack sims to come will be measured by. (Wavesonics)

Absolutely great game. This has everything I've been looking for. I seriously can't believe no one has ever thought of doing it this way before, with the game working in the same way you'd use your own home desktop.

The game contains all the best features of the best hacking games out there into one great package and even adds a bunch of new features that are definitely welcome. It's the little things that make it so great, like the taskbar that lets you switch between each application with little fuss. The fact you can customize your virii so that you're only paying for what you need, the way you can install and uninstall your programs, the fact you can be infected by your own virii. The Notes Reminder that gives you a tap on the shoulder for your own set time. There are others of course, but these are my favorites so far. (Griphin)